About Us

 Welcome to Premier Transportation Services, home to one of the fastest growing transportation company throughout California and Oregon. We take full pride in providing our guests with excellent service by prioritizing our focus on Safety, Comfort and punctuality.  Premier Transportation Services offers an on-time commitment and price guaranty that is unmatched in the industry. We’ll pick you up from your home, office, hotel, or where-ever. Call us or book online today and find out why so many are making the switch to Premier Transportation Services. A new standard in airport shuttle services. Premier Transportation Services offers the most cost effective and reliable way to get to and from the airport, or where ever your destination may be. 


All our professional drivers have gone through extensive training to gain all the knowledge necessary to navigate through the city and get you to your destination on time with your safety in mind first. 


Premier Transportation Services utilizes the latest technology in software to protect all the information gathered on our site. In addition, we have implemented a very strict policies and programs that protects and limit’s the access to our client’s personal information to only those employees who are authorized.