Q & A


Q: How do I make a reservation?

A:  You can make your reservation on-line through contact us up to 5 hours before your trip. 

Q: What is your service area?

A: We provide transportation to and from the Portland International Airport from the cities of Eugene, Corvallis, Albany, Salem and Woodbury; and through Southern California. 

Q: Can I cancel my reservation after it has been made?

A:  Yes, reservations can be canceled 2 hours before trip start. 

Q: Can I take extra or oversized baggage on the Shuttle?

A:  We are currently using mid-size to large-size vehicles for our Airport Service so we can accommodate bikes or skis at this time. 

Q: What is your policy regarding gratuity?

A:  Gratuity is optional; however it is a customary part of travel etiquette to offer a gratuity for good service. In other words earned gratuity is appreciated. 

Q: Baggage limit

A:  2 bags plus 2 carry-on per person please. Additional bags are $10 each.